School of Design

was initiated by a group of designers
who believed that design is one of the fundamental traits given to us since birth.

doesn’t belong to a particular group
or rely on some particular practice

however design…
engages in every activity
involves in every decision
and exists in everyday life

Therefore…design…truly belongs to everyone 

At ‘Practical’ we are committed to raising questions, experimenting, and exploring different ideas and ideologies.
We aimed to create a learning process that connects design with living, in which the learners will be encouraged to adapt and benefit by their own means.

Practical School of Design is a community for everyone to learn, explore, and appreciate design.

The learning programs at Practical School of Design accentuated exchanging knowledge through design activities, courses, and media. The school offers a network, bringing wide-ranging specialists from differing fields to design the most beneficial curriculum, in hopes that the contents will meet the participator’s expectations. Along the journey, we are contributed to provide design courses that are tailored to the student’s fundamental skills, interests, and goals.

The introduction
is essential.

Initially, we seek to establish the importance of design thinking as well as emphasizing the contents and learning styles to provide a basis for design thinking and skills. These attainments will be advantageous as a foundation to utilize in design concepts and practices in the future.

is valuable.

As it has come to our realization that we all learned best by exchanging experiences,
we are aspired to incentivize explorations, practices while understanding insights from thinkers, designers, and speakers from different professional fields.

Learning in
a ‘Practical’

way is pragmatic and indeed, practical.
We are devoted to connecting the design process with other professional fields through our training programs to formulate both personal and organizational design potential.

Practical School of Design

Everyone,  Every design