Every design

Because design ….
Is not about a particular group
or a particular method
Yet design… is in every activity involves
in every decision and
surrounds us in everyday life
Design…belongs to everyone. 

school of design

±PRACTICAL school of design

We believe in asking questions, experimenting, and exploring different ideas.
We want to create a learning process that connects design with living,
for everyone to use in their own way. 

We believe in asking questions, experimenting, and exploring different ideas. We want to create a learning process that connects design with living, for everyone to use in their own way.

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รับฟัง ปรับปรุง เพื่อเปลี่ยนแปลง

A special course designed for all creatives focusing on development and open the door to other possibilities. Through reviewing from different angles from creative networks locally and internationally. To find the prominent point in your work that can be strengthened. Also receiving comments and supports toward the design process from successful designers. The learners will complete the course by exhibit their works through an exhibition and publicize them across PS±D online’s channels

Lesson learn±d

ถอดความคิด ผลิตบทเรียน

The Learning method focused on exchanging knowledge and sharing experience from creatives and designers. The lessons, thoughts, and perspectives will be presented through interviewing video. PS±D team also shares the wisdom that we’ve gained for the viewer to adapt to their method. We believe there are no better ways to learn besides practicing by themselves.



PS±D Club Series is practicing-based learning in the form of a club that gathers people of similar interests. Moderate by designers, artists, and specialists from related fields to offer exclusive education for all learners. 

Club Series implies a casual classroom where people come to develop themselves together. The learning community that people from different backgrounds can learn and practice at their own pace. Also, exchange thoughts and perspectives during the class. 

PS±D Club is presumably a design development program that fits with all types of learners who share interests. We believe that diversity is an essential foundation for creativity. Hence the content is flexible enough for everyone to enjoy.



Strong fundamentals create the opportunity to develop and adapt. PS±D FUN is the course that focuses on strengthening the understanding and skills that are important for all levels of design. The content has divided toward the design stage; observe and analyze, initiate and create possibility, present and evaluate.

PS±D FUN main courses are Drawing for D±sign, D±sign Basic, and D±sign Thinking. The goal is for everyone to engage the ability of design thinking. To expand their perspectives and open to new experiences toward ‘D±sign’ through practice. 




Because most of the time, multiple heads are better than one. PS±D CO is a collaborative program between friends, colleagues, networks, organizations, and corporates that share similar visions. To expand perspectives and create new experiences about ‘D±sign’ for everyone to adapt and use in their way. Because design is for everyone.


ออกแบบข้ามวัน เดินทางข้ามคืน

Sometimes, learning happens while traveling. And many times, we have time to digests when far from our comfort zone. PS±D CAMP has combined design with traveling to refresh the learning atmosphere. PS±D team and special moderators will take you across the country to seek for inspiration. In the future, PS±D CAMP will be held aboard with the collaboration of designer networks across Asia. 


เดินดี รู้ดี ลองดี

Moving forward with the rhythm and pace of walking will allow us to observe. It is one of the most appropriate ways to learn and absorb the experiences handed to us along the way. WALK DO D± is the activity that consists of walking amid the cultural center that is rich with designs and creative works. Participators will walk alongside the lecturer who knows the area thoroughly. They will also enjoy the workshop held by PS±D team.

PS±D Night Club


Initiated by PRACTICAL school of design, PS±D Night Club will be held every Friday from 21.00 – 22.00. It is an open space where people can talk, exchange, and discuss design. The conversations will help develop our design learning space.